I was born in Haifa ; later studied medicine and began to specialize in ophthalmology at the "Bnei Zion" hospital , in the same department where I am currently serve as a surgeon.

After long years of eye surgery and treatments, I began to deepen further aspect associated key in the visual, the effects of light over it, and the final quality of the image- craft of photography.

It seems that the connection between the human visual system, the most developed system among the senses as it is known, and the art of photography, was performed naturally and directly for me , which began my world of photography a few years ago, however all would agree that modern photographic technology is tracking the human eye.

That way, I found myself committed not only to emergency's at the hospital, my patients, preparedness shifts and colorful patients, but also optimal photography daylight, at hours of dawn and early evening. As a result of that, I deal most of the day in matters concerning the mechanical eye and the human eye: Ophthalmology alongside optics, eye lens camera lenses with side vents and pupils.

Photography is another step in the course to the definite reality surrounding us, and on the other hand, it is artistic realism, which varies according to sights pictured in the eyes of the photographer and are hidden from the common spectator until the moment while the photographer captures it in the angle and composition he chose.

This variety of photographic works representing a perception of reality involved in the dynamic reality at some point in the world.